So. What’s Yoga?

The profound connection between mind, body and spirit, via breathwork and movement. Or just a way to stay fit and strong, depending on which way you look at it.

Sometimes it’s exercise, sometimes it’s a moving meditation. Quite often, it’s somewhere in the middle.


Doesn’t doing yoga for exercise demean it’s roots?

Not really. If someone enjoys a benefit from going to yoga, whatever benefit that is, isn’t that a good thing? No need to be forcing spiritual enlightenment on everyone like.


What’s all this business about ashtanga? And hatha? And kundalini? And vinyasa chakra banana something? I hear there are goats doing yoga now.

Yes, there’s a million types of yoga. None is better than the other, really. It’s whatever works for you. My favourite is Ashtanga, but I also love Yin. Although if someone started teaching Yoga with Cats, I’d probably kiss everything else goodbye.


I’d love to do yoga, but I’m so inflexible.

Flexibility is a fallacy. Strength is relative. Nothing is real. Come to a yoga class, keep your focus on your own mat, and allow yourself to laugh if you fall over (half the fun of Tree Pose is falling over).


But you know that pose – I hate that pose. The one where, your legs are like this, and your head is in your armpit.

Yeah, I know that pose. If the teacher cues it, just go into child’s pose. No need to waste energy being angry on your mat.


Should my heels be down in Downward Dog? Why can’t I sit in squat comfortably? If my arms lock in Updog, will they stay that way forever? Who am I? What is this? What’s that strange chanting noise?

Every body is different. Some things that are easy for you will be hard for others, and vice versa. Sometimes tension in your muscles will stop you from going further in a pose, but other times it’s because of your bone structure. There is no One Yoga to Fit All. There is just Your Yoga, for Your Body.