Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a dynamic and deeply therapeutic massage. It fuses the sister sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga to create a strong deep tissue massage with assisted yoga stretches. The body is brought to a place of conscious relaxation, where the receiver can really explore the range of movement, flexibility and breath, creating space and releasing tension. Oils and ayurvedic herbal powders are used to nourish and exfoliate the body, releasing toxins.

This is a massage for mind, body and spirit which will leave you feeling relaxed, present, energized, more flexible and more tuned into your body!

Traditionally this massage is done on a mattress on the ground, however it can be adjusted to be done on a table if the client prefers.

For any questions or to book a treatment, contact me on 0861651992 or miriam@lightyourownlamp.com. Vouchers also available.


First Massage: €70 (1 hour) / €90 (90 mins)

Second Massage: €60 (1 hour) / €80 (90 mins)

All massages after: €50 (1 hour) / €70 (90 mins)

Miriam Massage-25

Miriam Massage-73

“It helped me open up my body and mind. I felt so much lighter and fully felt my whole body. Before the massage I was very tense and felt quite lethargic but that completely changed afterwards. It combined the benefits of meditation, yoga and massage.” – Julia